Founded in 2010, Samurai Shotgun is a band that provides innovation to music with their alternative flair, hip-hop influenced sound and progressive movement toward something new.

This is the beginning of a new genre, theirs is a sound that is easy to identify with the band itself.


Created in Tampa, Florida, but now calling Atlanta home, Samurai Shotgun is setting their sights on expansion and flooding the world with the experience of listening to their music. The band is composed of lead vocalist; Matt Henley, guitarist; Tyler Mulder, bass player; Bryant Harp, drummer; Jovan Lecaro, and on the turntables and keys; Marquis Blocker otherwise known as DJ Qeys.


The members, who met through mutual friendships, school and work, are a collective  looking to push the envelope on what it means to create music.  Their high-octane stage performances have aided them in catching the eye, and ears, of notable industry platforms.  From winning Afropunk's inaugural competition in 2014, to opening for Erykah Badu at Tampa's Gasparilla Festival in 2015, and co-headlining their own independently funded East Coast tour in 2017, Samurai Shotgun is prepared to bring their unique blend of genre-bending music to a city near you, and the world.